9/20/2018 9:49 PM

Services that we provide

General Maintenance

Oil changes to engine replacements, we service and repair nearly every part on your 4wd.

Suspension Modifications

We sell and install lift kits for just about every application of 4wd. Looking for something custom, we will fabricate a high quality suspension that fits your needs.


Our shop is fully equipped to align your vehicle. Whether it's highly modified, or showroom stock, our technicians are trained to use the Hunter Computer Alignment System to get your vehicle aligned correctly.


We provide competitive pricing on the highest quality parts we sell. Here are just a few examples of the products we carry.


From changing differential fluid to full overhauls. Lost power with your bigger tires? We can fix that with gear ratio changes. Looking for more traction? We service and install all types of differential lockers.


Looking for bigger axles for your rig? We can custom build complete axle assemblies to bolt in specs. We also overhaul used axles and weld brackets on non-stock axles.